Vagabond in Tulum

Ah, Tulum.

Ah, TulumIt’s where I fell in love with Mexico, travel, my now-husband, the Caribbean Sea, life. It’s a magical place and when I started this early retirement adventure, I wanted Tulum to be my first stop. Could I do it on a budget? Yes! I lived in there for four months alone. I had such a great time, Tedly had no choice but to retire and join me in month five.

Here are some of my blog entries that may help give a fellow slow traveler an idea of what it’s like to live in Tulum longer than what is typical – a week or two on vacation.

A good calendar of events for some groovy events in Tulum can be found here.

Also, a few Facebook groups were extremely helpful for me. It’s how I knew where to buy a bicycle, where to go for a massage, and more.

The “Mujeres Tulum” Facebook group is a great resource for girl power! Also, the “Tulum Community” group was a resource for me. Search Facebook for more groups – you might find a new one.

Something else that helped me in a town like Tulum was knowing someone who knew someone who knew someone… you get the idea. In fact, this has helped me and my husband in many of the locations where we’ve lived.

If  you have any questions about Tulum, reach out! We have friends who live there year-round, and we will help you if we can.