Vagabond in San Ignacio

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest ReserveSan Ignacio, is in the Cayo District of western Belize. We were only there for a few days for us, unlike most of our longer stops. But this area is worth a stop on your vagabond travels.

Just outside the city, there are some stunning things to see, including the Mountain Ridge Pine Forest Reserve (yes! – in Belize). You can check out some waterfalls at different locations in the Reserve. It’s a huge area so plan a whole day – at least – to do it right.

There are also some caves in this area. We splurged on on a cave tour, and we were glad we did.

Cave tour

Also, there are several Amish homesteads. A bit surreal to see in this part of the world. One Amish couple gave me a ride to a restaurant they recommended out in the fields somewhere. It was an adventure.

And of course, there also are some Mayan ruins, like Xunantunich.

If you might stay in the Cayo District long-term, reach out. We might be able to help introduce you to some of the great people we met there.

On top of Xunantunich, Belize