Vagabond in Peten

Lake Itza, El RemateThe State of Peten in Guatemala, is the kind of place where you see pigs and horses roam free in town. It’s all good. If I wanted jungle scenery on a pretty lake to write a novel – this place would have few distractions.

We stayed in the town of El Remate and used it as a base to visit other areas, such as the Tikal and Yaxha Mayan ruins. It was also a good launch point to other destinations on Lake Itza, such as like Santa Elena and Isla de Flores.

  • El Remate: our accommodations, food, activities, Isla de Flores
  • We visited Tikal without a tour group or guide

*Worth a note, there was virtually no wifi for budget travelers like us (February 2016). There was one internet cafe that was not always open when we were in town. We had to use a store’s landline to make an emergency call back to the U.S.

The most crowded colectivo ride I’ve ever been on was in this part of the world – 35 people crowded into a 15 passenger van. Oh yea, and one dog. What a trip!

The public transportation is a little rough here – and by that I mean old and worn. On one chicken bus, there was a hole in the floor and I ended up covered in mud by the end of our ride. You just never know… and that’s part of the fun!

We were in El Remate for just over a week – too short. I would go back for more exploring.