Vagabond in Mahahual

I love Mahahual.

MahahualI would go back to live there at any time. We spent three months living in this seaside village, and the place is special to me.

Mahahual is in a region called “Costa Maya” by Mexican tourism marketing. Think of it as the Riviera Maya – before it got so darn popular and so darn crowded.

There is a cruise ship dock in Mahahual, so most people see it on cruises. As slow travelers, we had this gorgeous Caribbean tropical paradise all to ourselves when the ships left at the end of the day. We lived there April, May and June – the start of summer. Many days, there were not ships at all.

Car-free lives!This place won’t stay quiet and ‘undiscovered’ for much longer. Here are some posts for people interested in a trip there from either Cancun’s airport (about 3 hours by car, 5 by public transportation) or Chetumal’s airport (Mexican domestic flights only, about 90 minutes away).

There are several expats who call Mahahual home. If you have a specific question, we can likely you put in touch with one or more.

Also, as of 2017, there is a new Facebook group for expats called “Mahahual Living.”

While we lived there, we also made friend with several Mexicans who call Mahahual home. It’s a great place, and I encourage anyone who’s curious to go check it out.

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