Vagabond in Corozal

Four Mile LagoonWe had a great time in Corozal, Belize. It’s a good alternative to the beaches. It’s conveniently located near Chetumal, Mexico, and you can take ferries to Ambergris Caye. (Corozal also has an airstrip, but we didn’t use it.) There is no Walmart – in fact, there are no chain stores of any kind in this area.

Here are some posts I wrote when we were in Corozal that may have helpful information for people who want to stay longer than a week or two as slow travelers.

A Facebook group that may be of  help if you are planning to live in Corozal for any length of time is “Corozal Living.” It’s a closed group, but check it out.

Corozal has a small but tight expat community with Americans and Canadians. The Chinese also have a strong presence.

If you need information about what it’s like to live there year-round, please reach out! We might be able to put you in touch with some kind people.