Vagabond in Campeche

Campeche, Mexico, surprised me.

Campeche churchThe colonial city was beautiful and urban planners did a great job with the city center. I did not expect the design to be so well thought out and executed.

We only stayed for a about a week, and although it was an impressive city, a week was enough time for us to visit the historic cites on the wall around the city center, spend time in museums, cafes and restaurants, and also the central park, where there is a fantastic light show each night.

There is a long and gorgeous malecon just outside the city center. But there isn’t a big beach for swimming and sunning – even though it’s on the Gulf of Mexico. So our next stop was down the road to Sabancuay. That was a blissful side trip. We stayed a few days. Sabancuay is a small town, set away from the beach. The beach is a tuk tuk ride away, and it’s gorgeous. The beach itself is a thin strip of sand, but the water goes forever – shallow, calm, serene.

Tedly feels free in Sabancuay

While in Sabancuay, we took a day trip to Ciudad del Carmen. The chicken bus ride to Carmen was beautiful – along the Gulf Coast. We only stayed for lunch and took a colectivo, or taxi ride back to Sabancuay.

On the way back, we had a small mishap. My husband accidentally slammed a van door on a man’s hand. Everything turned out ok, but the story is a great example of how things can be settled in Mexico among common folks (us and the man who was slightly hurt), as opposed to the litigious crazy U.S.

We also stopped at Isla Aguada for a snack and to see the view.

Since we were in this region a short time, the only other resources I found that may help you were a few Facebook groups for Campeche for buying and selling items, and for renting apartments and homes. None of the groups I saw were in English.

Relaxing in Campeche