Early retirement

Us in Pena Palace, Sintra, PortugalHow was early retirement possible?

There are some answers in a post you can find here. The short version is on our About page.

It’s really not that difficult. With some planning and spending control, most people would be able to do what we do. Sometimes money isn’t as big of an issue as mindset. If you have a plan to retire early and travel the world, but you are a bit apprehensive about such an adventurous decision, our pep talk might help you see it’s entirely possible to live this dream.

What is the travel budget?

It varies on where we are in the world. Places like Mexico and Central America have lower costs of living than Europe. Our budget has varied from $1,000 to $2,500.

If you want more information about our travel budget and how we spend our money, we have shared some details in the these posts:

What are the biggest expenses in those years?

Housing and travel, like airfare, train rides, etc.

We live in apartments in each place we go, because we like slow travel. We often stay for a month or two at a time. We have rented apartments from locals, but we mostly use Airbnb. Read a post about continuous living in Airbnb rentals in a post here. See a video example of a rental at this page here.

Me, Tedly, and CocoaWe’ve spent those years traveling to fabulous places like Tikal, Guatemala; Zihuatanejo, Mexico; London, England; the Sahara Desert; Lisbon, Portugal – just to name a few of our stops so far. Go here for a full list of all the places on the planet we’ve seen since we decided to stop working in our old careers for a life of continuous travel.

What about health care?

In 2018, we will not have health insurance. We will buy medical care as needed. It’s far less expensive to see a doctor and even to have minor surgery in many countries outside the U.S.

I’ve written about most of our medical mishaps, annual checkups, teeth cleanings, eye exams, etc., since August 2015. We are healthy and we have not had any real problems with medical services abroad.

Search “health care” in the field at the bottom of the page to call up old posts.

How much money is needed to retire early?

Everyone’s answer is different. We instead like to ask, ‘how much do we really have to spend?’ Our answer is we need much less money than we think, and you might, too, if you take an honest look at your spending.

While we are cost conscious, we don’t skimp on stuff we enjoy: great (and mostly healthy) food, excursions, museums, concerts, sightseeing, beach trips, and more. We also try to find a way to give back to people in the communities we visit. We have amazing experiences, which we feel is more important than having millions of dollars in a “standard” retirement.

In the years we have been doing this, we have affirmed our dream: a life of continuous travel in early retirement is possible, attainable, and hell, it’s darn enjoyable.

Me and Tedly in Socal, 2016