Budget travel update from Earth Vagabonds

Hi! We missed sharing our adventures with you! Did you guys miss us?

A big thank you to subscribers who signed up for travel posts and stuck with this blog through some of my breast cancer entries. I’m gonna get back to writing about our early retired budget travel adventures now.

I did have a few more things to say about the cancer experience, so I created a new site for those posts. It’s a collection of resources I came across while figuring out what to do about my adjuvant treatment. Maybe the information will help another woman with a very small, HER2-positive tumor: verysmallher2positive.wordpress.com.

So, moving on… where in the world are we these days? We left Zagreb, Croatia, where I had my surgery. Now we are in Kotor, Montenegro!

If you’ve never given Montenegro any thought for a visit, a recent Wall Street Journal article gives an overview on why this tiny country is attracting more new visitors. That article is here. And, there is some discussion about Montenegro in our Facebook group for retired budget travelers, which is here.

While Kotor is a new tourism hot spot, our readers know we aren’t tourists – we are slow travelers. We’ve been here nearly two weeks, and we’ve learned a few ways to get the most out of this beautiful place. We’ll share those stories soon.

I’ll end this quick update with a stunning picture of the bay. This shot was taken 900 feet up at the old castle site in Kotor. More on this excursion coming soon.

Kotor from old castle and fort











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