Sport and war: A surreal space in Sarajevo

(This post is by Tedly. It originally appeared on his private Facebook page, and then on the Retired Budget Travel Facebook group.)

Sarajevo Boblsleigh new lift carSarajevo Boblsleigh liftSarajevo Boblsleigh fogSarajevo Boblsleigh trees 3Sarajevo Boblsleigh 'Love is Love'Sarajevo Bobsleigh track sideSarajevo Boblsleigh Tedly standsSarajevo Boblsleigh tears for kidsSarajevo Boblseigh trackSarajevo Boblsleigh 'Bosnia'Sarajevo Olympic lift carSarajevo Boblsleigh Tedly's faceSarajevo Boblsleigh peace signSarajevo Bobsleigh track bridgeSarajevo Boblsleigh 'Fuck Trump'Sarajevo Boblsleigh cemeterySarajevo Boblsleigh damaged homeSarajevo Boblsleigh hiking trail signSarajevo Bobsleigh view 2Sarajevo cemetery






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