Peaceful days on Croatia’s Adriatic coast in Omis

Scenic Omis is about a 40 minute bus ride south of Croatia’s second largest city, Split. Tedly picked Omis for our month-long stay in the area because it was more scenic than in Split.

The mountains come right up to the edge of the sea, and our rental is on a huge rocky land point that juts out from the cliffs. On one side of our rooftop terrace, there’s the Adriatic Sea. From other sides, we see the mountains and fortresses.

Omis used to be a place for pirates to protect stolen loot. Today it’s filled with kind people who are predominantly Christian. Church bells ring and ring and ring several times a day. There are about 15,000 people who live here year-round, and there are a half dozen churches in town.

There is no stop light in town. Cars stop for pedestrians in the walkways. There is one main road through town, and it splits the place in two. To the west: the Adriatic Sea, beaches, and the outlet of the Cetina River. To the east: mountains, rock climbers, and upriver into the Cetina River Canyon.

When we first arrived in mid-May, hardly any tourists were here. It was the shoulder season. We felt like we had the beach all to ourselves. I’d spend time outside reading, taking dips, sunning myself, relaxing after several weeks of always on-the-go travel from Barcelona to Rome to Florence and many points in between.

Suddenly – it was June! I saw more tourists on the beaches and in the small village, filling up restaurants and shops. Each day new people arrive for their summer holidays and vacations. We have less than two weeks left here in this peaceful, sweet spot on the Adriatic.

Aside from sea-based activities and the rock climbing I mentioned, there is hiking, rafting, canoeing, a zip line and other sporting activities. All in a picturesque base from which to start.

Soviet-era high-rise buildings are a reminder in Omis of the not-too-distant socialist past. There are many more such buildings in Split away from the tourist zone, of course, because Split is a large city. But today, Croatia is a democracy and a member of the European Union.

I have found the people to be helpful and kind, and a surprising number of locals know English — even away from the tourist areas. We were once helped by an elderly woman waiting for a local bus in Split where not many tourists go. We were in that area of Split to make a transit connection on a day trip to Trogir, which is larger than Omis, but not as large as Split. It was a pleasant day trip wandering around the old town, which is closed off to car traffic due to its narrow alleys.

Whether it’s day trips, sporting activities, or lazy days by the sea, Omis is a great place to relax and enjoy time as it slips by. Pretty soon, this little village will swell up with thousands more people who come to visit this special spot.

The pictures on this blog post give a taste of what it’s like, but check out the official tourism site here to see more beautiful shots.

I would absolutely come back here in the future.

Omis bay view







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