Magical landscape at Playa Balandra during low tide near La Paz

Playa Balandra is a fun place to see at low tide because you can wade forever in clean, clear water that’s below your knees. In fact, this is one of the cleanest beaches I’ve seen in Mexico in a long time. There was virtually no plastic trash. If I saw one remnant of something plastic, that was about it.

Playa Balandra main sand bar.jpg

We took the bus from the main terminal in town for a few dollars. The bus stop is down the road from the entrance and parking lot, but it’s a short walk.

We timed out our visit so that the bulk of our time at Playa Balandra was around low tide. By the time we left, the tide was starting to rise, and in certain spots the water was rising to just over my knees. We left shortly after that, so I don’t know how high the water gets, but I don’t think it goes that much higher.

Playa Balandra wade

There were sand bars, sand dunes, a few rocky ledges, a few free umbrellas for public use back near the parking lot, and that’s about it. There are no services to speak of – this is actually a eco-park. However, there were a few locals selling souvenir goods near the parking lot in unofficial stands, and on the beach by the parking lot there were a few guys renting kayaks.

Sailboats and leisure boats docked just beyond the largest sandbar, where the water becomes deep and blue.

Playa Balandra past big sand bar.jpg

Jeep shot a commercial the day we were there on the top of a rock ridge behind the main beach. Fancy drones flew overhead while the film crew staged a beautiful set. It’s no wonder Jeep chose this spot. I mean, just look:

Playa La Balandra.jpg

This is a beautiful spot and it’s worth seeing if you’re spending any time in La Paz.

Make sure you pack out whatever you trek in – to keep this amazing place plastic-trash free!









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