Travel plans for Earth Vagabonds

Us at sunsetWe have a slow travel itinerary for the rest of 2017, and a tentative destination lineup that reaches well into 2018. You can bet some beaches are on our list!

Budget and climate drive our decisions. Fear does not.

There is a hot debate in my Facebook travel groups about whether to cancel trips to London because of the most recent terrorist attack. London was on our list as a possibility before the London attack, and also before the Manchester attack, because of great airfare deals. Unnecessary fear will not deter us if the price still works for our budget when it’s time to book the flight.

Also, while it might pain me greatly to skip down to southern Europe from London without a visit to Scotland, for example, I don’t want to be in the north for the winter. One spring or summer day, we’ll return to that region.

The only sure thing outside of any plan: we are homeless vagabonds in early retirement on a mission to enjoy one stop at a time.

The rest of 2017

June: Antigua, Guatemala

July: San Cristobal, Mexico

Early August: Tuxtla, Mexico

August to early September: Oaxaca City, Mexico

Early September to early October: Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Early October: Mexico City

Mid-October to mid-December: Mazatlan, Mexico

mid-December to January: US West Coast

Tentative 2018

January: possibly London

Mid-January to late February: Mediterranean – maybe Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal

Late February: maybe Morocco

March: southeast Asia

Fall of 2018: maybe Vietnam

Have you been to any these places? Do you have any “must do” or “must see” recommendations? We would love to hear any and all suggestions, advice, tips.

Meanwhile, we are in Antigua, Guatemala, for the first time, and so far we love it! It’s a beautiful colonial city with every major convenience you could want. It’s a nice temporary change of pace from the subdued six weeks we had around Lake Atitlan, and the culturally eye-opening time we lived with a wonderful Mayan family.

It’s the external experiences with new people, cultures, and places in real time, in the real world, that encourage my introspection about our shared humanity on Earth. Because I think that’s ultimately what keeps the world spinning round: love and acceptance developed from the realization of our sameness.

Hello Antigua!





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