How we spent the last day of 2016 in Yelapa, Mexico

We had an awesome year in 2016 and spending the last day of that year in Yelapa, Mexico, was a fitting way to end it.

me-in-yelapas-jungle-edge-by-our-placeWe lazed around all day and made a video for family and friends starring my husband, produced by me, co-directed by us in the humid jungle where we are staying.

We talked about the year that was, and the year that will be.

We ate a wonderful dinner for under $20 bucks: chicken fajitas and beers for him, shrimp fajitas and a diet coke for me, chips and pico de gallo, and chocflan cake for dessert – all overlooking the Tuito River, more commonly called Yelapa’s river, or just the river.

We managed to tune in the last few minutes of the Columbus Blue Jackets game on streaming audio to hear them win their 15th straight win. This was a challenge because the wifi was heavily in use by other people at the time. But this was really our only challenge of the day.

We went to the Yacht Club for some dancing and chatting as we counted down to the New Year, and we spotted random dogs on the dance floor. This happens in Mexico and other countries – dogs just roam and appear.

And my dancing shoes were a little unusual, and caught the eye of a young man from Canada who wanted to come to Yelapa on New Year’s Eve for an adventure. my-feet-on-nye-in-yelapaMy ant-bite-turned-blister on the bottom of my second right toe is doing much better, but I wanted to protect the healing open sore so I wore my Injinji running socks with my harder plastic flip-flops. Anything goes in Mexico. Including fashion.

Anyway, my feet were a conversation starter and I hope that young man finds the adventure he was looking for and doesn’t get into trouble out there in the wilds of Mexico. Because anything goes in Mexico. Including, well, just about everything.

And in the New Year ahead, as I sit here and type this, I hope anything goes for us – that we are free to live however the hell we want to live and enjoy magic that works for us as we explore the world and our marriage, judgement from others be damned.


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