Sometimes potatoes are for dinner so we can travel

Continuous travel in early retirement is possible only because we stick to our budget. We are not rich, yet we live an awesome life full of content, comfort and luxury that we could not afford had we stayed in the U.S.

Our budget is a bit stretched this month because Puerto Vallarta and Yelapa aren’t as inexpensive as other parts of Mexico and this is the high season to boot. But we think it’s the best time of year to be here, so, here we are.

To stay on budget, we never go to restaurants every night – especially this month. Dining out is our second highest expense after housing. (Transportation so far is number three.) Lest you think we are living high on the hog – well, we are, but also we aren’t – here is a picture of what we recently ate for dinner.potatoes-and-fixins-for-dinner

Mexican cheese, avocado, fried tortilla chips, salsa and baked potatoes with ranch dressing for dinner (we didn’t have butter). For dessert we had sugar cookies and milk. Earlier in the day, we ate vitamin-enriched cookies and coffee for breakfast; fresh coconut water and coconut meat, oranges and  tortilla chips for lunch; nuts for snacks; beer for spouse and water for me throughout the day.

I was never hungry and the food wasn’t all junk so I have zero complaints. In fact, this was a great day. We got our fresh items from local sellers to contribute to the local economy. And, we even managed to find a dollar in our limited budget to give to a local guy for a few photos with his burro, or mule, or ass, which tried to kiss my spouse. Or maybe it was trying to bite his nipple. ass-tries-to-kiss-tedlyAll in all, another memorable day in paradise and I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.


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