Tearless Syrian children in Aleppo haunt me

Unlike most women, I never wanted to be a mother. But, my God, some of the reporting coming out of Aleppo awakens a strong maternal instinct in me. In the video above, I want to take the young, tearless children to safety and somehow comfort them. Then I want to fuck up everyone who’s caused their pain.

I’ve watched events unfold in Syria for years, and there have been horrific reports (not many reports by American media, mind you). But there are so many disturbing images of women and children trying to leave a part of the city destroyed by men. Yes, men.

Another video in recent days shows features a Syrian boy who recited Quran verses instead of crying or screaming while doctors operated on him without anesthesia. The boy had no tears – but the Turkish adults on the news set sure did. They openly wept.

Americans usually don’t see this stuff unless they search for it because it’s not shown at home. But that’s a whole other story.

Dear hypocritical world, merry Christmas and may you find your ugly sweater in aisle 2017.


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