Our travel plan for the rest of 2016

It’s been a productive and sentimental summer. We wrapped up some business and personal matters, such as rental property preps and finalizing our wills and living wills. Now we are spending quality time with people we love before we leave the U.S. with no plans to return.

Our continuous, slow travel officially starts on September 30, when my husband Tedly joins me at my sister’s and brother-in-law’s home in San Jose, California. Then we will make one more stop in California before we leave the U.S. – San Diego.

I feel like San Diego is where I learned so much about life and the world. I had three amazing years there. Events in San Diego started me on the path I’m on today, and, it’s where we were married. We left in a hurry because I wanted to start traveling as soon as possible.

I try not to have any regrets – but I do wish I’d had more time with friends in San Diego. So, we will visit those smiling faces in the land of sunshine and happiness from October 7 to October 21. In an alternate universe that sometimes plays out in my mind, I stayed in San Diego and kept working in a field I loved… and spent more time with people I loved there…

But – that’s a daydream, and my reality is actually pretty damn good!

First stop outside the U.S. will be the beaches just south of Tijuana. In the time I lived in San Diego, I never made it down there, but always wanted to. Tedly wants to see this area, too.

From there, we go to Guadalajara for about a week. This is a new city for us. Then it’s off to Ajijic, Mexico, for most of November. Ajijic is just south of Guadalajara on Lake Chapala, and it’s also a new place for us.

From new places to old favorites: Puerto Vallarta for three weeks in December, and then Yelapa for the holidays.

We love Puerto Vallarta’s Old Towne, and the Virgin of Guadalupe festival in early-to-mid December. And, we love Yelapa’s beauty.

The view from a place we rented in Yelapa while on vacation in 2011.

We think Yelapa is an amazing, semi-secluded paradise. Accessible by boat, it’s about an hour southwest of Puerto Vallarta. We’ve been there a few times on vacation over the years. Yelapa is where we’ll close out 2016, and ring in 2017 – and the New Year will be our first year of continuous travel together.

After that, we don’t have firm plans yet. We may go back to Puert0 Vallarta in January for a month or two, or, we may immediately keep going south, eventually getting to Guatemala again, but this time the west coast instead of the northern jungle area. We are thinking of Antigua, Guatemala, for next summer. We have heard many great things about it, and it’s much cooler in the mountains than the coasts or jungles in the summer.

All of the places we will visit in the upcoming months have large expat communities, including tiny Yelapa. After that, our travels likely will become a bit more remote.

Es el tiempo practicar mi espanol, porque no tengo por muchos meses. Aye yay yay!

Here are some Google maps to give perspective on places mentioned above:




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