Sargassum update for Tulum, late April 2016

We took a trip to Tulum for a friend’s art show and we went to the beach a few times over a few days. Since I still get visitors to this blog for sargassum updates in Tulum, here’s some of what I saw at the beaches – north and south.


This little bit of sargassum is really nothing, compared to last year when I was using this blog to give several beach condition updates each week for about five months. So, don’t freak out if you landed here on a Google search for “sargassum” and “Tulum.” This is the time of year when the sargassum can increase – so some of the seaweed on the beach isn’t unusual – and most boutique hotels and restaurants will clean their beaches every day.


The only way to see if this stinky seaweed increases in volume this year, like last year, is to just wait and see. Meanwhile, if you happen to come across a patch of beach with heavy sargassum in Tulum, I recommend you take a beach walk.


You’re likely to find a spot that’s pretty clear, if you just use patience and and draw out some positivity.

I miss parts about Tulum, but, admittedly, there are some other parts I don’t miss at all, like the congestion on the beach road, where tourists in rental cars and taxi drivers trying to make a buck nearly hit me on my bike. I miss the good old days in Tulum, before it got so expensive, and so crowded.

In the coming days I’ll outline the best points of Tulum versus Mahahual. Each place has its own magic, but, these days, Mahahual has a greater spell over me.


I am glad and grateful to be back in Mahahual, where the water is clear and there is virtually no sargassum, the vibe is laid back, and where we’ll have some great beach days this month!


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