No sargassum in Mahahual

Still no sargassum to speak of in Mahahual. This picture was taken in the morning, when the sun lights up the lighthouse.


One thing I like about the shoreline here – wading pools. The water is very shallow up to a nearby reef. It’s more like a bunch of rocks, with a few hunks of coral. Just enough for thousands of interesting fish and other creatures.

At low tide, there are mini-islands surrounded by some wading pools, like the one my spouse is sitting on in the picture below.


Few spots are over my head in the pools, so if you need deep water, you have to go around the reef to the open ocean. (Or through one of two boat openings.)

Sometimes clumps of sargassum are out in the ocean, but if the clumps hit the reef, by the time they get to shore, usually most of them are smashed up to little bits to amount to much. There is a little seaweed, it’s just regular seaweed and sea grass – mostly from the shallow pools, such as where my spouse is sitting.

There are reports of sargassum starting to wash ashore on some Caribbean islands. It seems to get worse during the summer and autumn months. But – it’s not here – yet.




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