No sargassum in Mahahual, Mexico, a gorgeous Caribbean beach town

For those people searching the internet for “sargassum” and “Mexico” and “Caribbean” and keep landing on this site because of my previous Tulum posts – this post is for you.

No sargassum to speak of here in Mahahual.


Just regular, run-of-the-mill seaweed and sea grass. That’s what much of those dark spots are under the water.


There also are bits of coral close to the shore.


There are many colorful fish. But today was my first time with the GoPro, so I was a little slow, and only caught a couple of good ones.



In addition to no sargassum, there aren’t any tourists either, if it’s a day with no cruise ship parked at the dock.

So, we just snorkel on. Come visit. Mahahual is only a couple more hours south of Tulum.





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