Chikungunya (or Zika) recovery milestone

For the first time in months, I was able to continuously jog 3.5 miles. My knees were not too achy, and they loosened up nicely once I warmed up. Then it felt so good to jog, I simply kept going.

Me, jogging on the Northern Highway in Belize. Behind me is the Free Zone at the border crossing. We are staying a couple of miles down the road from here.

My time on the run today was much slower than my average times last year. It took me 43 minutes to go 3.5 miles. Yikes.

Before I left the states, I’d worked up to roughly 9:15-minute miles (I started to take runs seriously around this time last year). By July, I was jogging 20 to 25 miles on average, depending on the week.

I stopped jogging in August when I moved to Mexico. It was just too hot, and I’m a morning runner once the sun is up. My body clock likes 7:00 a.m. In Tulum, I replaced running with bike riding and beach walking and swimming. (I only ran one benefit 5K in Tulum.) When I stopped jogging, I had every intention of starting again in December, once the heat broke.

Instead, in late November, I was infected with a mosquito-borne virus. A doctor in Tulum declared it was Chikungunya, but two lab tests came back negative. In late November and early December of 2015, the lab I used in Tulum didn’t offer any testing for Zika yet – I asked. (It was the biggest lab in town – part of a Mexican chain.)

I often wonder if I really had/have Chikungunya. I didn’t seem have symptoms as bad as some people get them. Then again, if what I got was Zika, my symptoms seem to be more intense and recurring than what’s often reported.

Whatever it was, kept me down for nearly a mont.

I started jogging again this January, and it’s only been less than three weeks. I realized today as I knelt to pray after my exercise, the clock time doesn’t matter in the least. That I can jog at all is a miracle. For most of my adult life, I didn’t take proper care of my body.

Today, all I can do is keep healthy, keep at it with a positive attitude, and keep giving thanks to God for this life, each and every day.

Me, on a cool down jog at the property where we are staying for the month.





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