Tulum beach and sargassum report, Dec. 23

It was a windy day at the beach in Tulum on Christmas Eve Eve, also known as Wednesday. There were many people on the northern end, where we spent most of the afternoon.

We parked our bikes and set up by the lifeguard station in the first park entrance north of Mezzanine. These pictures are from my walk down the beach.

As always, if there is a lot of sargassum in one area, keep walking. You’ll eventually be rewarded with turquoise sea love.


The last two pictures are from Playa Maya, which is the wide public beach just north of Pancho Villa. The front loader cleared the beach pretty fast compared to other areas where the seaweed was raked up by hand. The picture with the man raking and the giant piles of seaweed is El Paraiso, a beach club that is usually always cleaning its beach.

The sea was pretty choppy Wednesday, but there did not appear to be a ton of sargassum headed into shore. The only real way to know is to go experience the beach a day at a time, because each day is different.


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