Sargassum in Tulum, Dec. 13

The sargassum is back and it didn’t even bother me. I’ve seen it so much worse than what it was today.


My husband, however, had not seen it this bad yet, and he was a little shocked. But again – this is nothing. And remember, the beach changes day by day so it could be clear tomorrow.


Ultimately, the kind of beach day you have in Tulum – or anywhere – is up to you. Nevermind the seaweed – I had fun splashing around and swimming. There wasn’t much sargassum in the water anyway. And there were two bonuses today – one was waves! Waves are rare here! Just fun waves, no serious swells, but they were good to float on, dive into and ride into shore. My spouse called me a fish, and I am happy.


The other bonus was the DJ who set up at Playa Esperanza. She spun some chill tunes while we bobbed in the waves. The beach party grew throughout the afternoon. Good vibes, good times.



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