I can’t wait to leap on him!

789338E7-56CA-4163-AFD4-3322DB1CBB30I cannot wait until my husband arrives for good. No more daily grind work in local TV news for either of us.

I left him the first time back in 2002, to take a TV news management job in another city. We had only been dating for several months, but once I left, I knew it had been a mistake to leave him. I eventually went back to him in Cleveland after roughly 18 months.

FullSizeRender(296)Then, a decade later, I left him again for another TV news management job on the west coast. It was the right position, and I was tired of Cleveland winters. We weren’t married, we were on again and off again, and he didn’t want to leave his city at that point.

That gig was fulfilling. I loved San Diego, but I was working ridiculous hours and had zero time for any kind of real life. It was hard as a single woman. I can’t imagine how single moms do it.

FullSizeRender(297)The plan was he’d leave his job, and be my wife. He was going to do the cooking and the cleaning and I’d do the working and the earning. What a guy! What a keeper! I was going to have a wife!!

But the universe had other plans, and I was laid off. I love it when God giggles at my plans. Forces me to get creative.

I decided to move to Mexico to take some time off and just see. Just enjoy. Just be. But this time before I left, we got married. I think he got tired of my leaving him.

FullSizeRender(293)And then – he set a date to leave Cleveland – and join me. For real. Leaving where he was born and raised and worked for 30 years at the same job for the same company. He’s leaving it – and coming to me!! I can’t wait to leap on him! To leap up in the air with him! To hold him and care for him and cherish him and love him all the days of my life.

When he gets off that plane and appears before me here in the magical land of the Maya next week – I’m never leaving him again.

OK, well, maybe for a month or two here and there while I visit my sister and friends in California and my parents and family and friends in New York… 🙂 But, I’ll always, always come back to him and be with him. I love Tedly K with my entire soul.


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