Tulum sargassum update, Nov. 26

Happy Thursday everyone – and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

Tulum had a couple days of rain. Today the situation at Playa Maya, on the north end, looked like this at low tide:

Beach right at the main Playa Maya entrance.
Playa Maya, looking towards Pancho Villa.
El Paraiso’s beach.
Playa Maya, between Pancho Villa and Villa Pescadores.
Looking at the water. Saying a prayer…

The water was pretty rough over the reef. That’s a solid and thick white line on the horizon on that last picture. The reef’s not that far so you can hear the waves crashing over it.

The sargassum is in the water as billions of little bits – it’s too rough for huge clumps, so you will get a piece or two stuck to you when you take a dip.

Also – the water is chilled, compared to how it has been. It definitely feels like it’s almost December. Relatively speaking, of course.


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