Sargassum is back in Tulum, 11/21/15

Here’s an update from Tulum’s beach from Saturday afternoon, November 21:

This is at Playa Maya – the public area – in between Zazil Kin and El Paraiso.

There was a little plastic, not like days and weeks past.

I think the sargassum will be around a few days. I was able to see brownish-red clumps of the seaweed coming in from beyond the reef. I tried to take a picture from the park entrance, where there is a little hill, but you can’t see it in the shot. Trust me, it’s there. So the probability of more sargassum at the shoreline in the water tomorrow, on Sunday, is very high.

There were many more tourists today than in days past. It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and I’m hearing more American accents.

Side note – the beach roads are getting congested, and so is the bike path! People — SLOW DOWN. Someone is going to get killed. RELAX. And be happy :-).


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