Sargassum update from Tulum’s beaches, Nov. 14

We’re getting into high season now, so the south end, which costs more to visit, is better kept.

South beach: view from Ziggy’s:

I remember when this beach was wider at high tide. But that’s another story.

Moving north, the areas where there are beach clubs are cleaned, but those areas were not as clean.

North beach: view from Playa Paraiso:

Public (north) beach: view from the public beach, Playa Maya:

Since it’s Saturday, I’m not surprised Playa Maya wasn’t cleaned off. Still, it’s a hell of a lot better than my last visit, when it was still covered with plastic. While there was some plastic trash today, it wasn’t nearly as bad.

Oh, and there is plastic on the beach on the south end, too. Those small plastic pieces that elude rakes and pitchforks. Like toxic shells, here was plastic right in front of Ziggy’s:



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