Sargassum situation at one part of Riviera Maya

Like usual, it’s hit or miss with the sargassum situation on the Riviera Maya.

FullSizeRender(223)My parents are staying at the Bahia Principe Resort, on Highway 307 between Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

One reason they are staying there is because the hotel has nets around the beach to block seaweed from reaching the beach, and, workers constantly clean the beach.

I actually saw workers in the water with a net – as if the beach was a pool, and as if net was for bugs and leaves. Once the piles of sargassum are dragged onto the shoreline, and once the seaweed that has naturally washed ashore is raked up, a pickup truck hauls the stuff off the beach.

The beach cleaning progression is seen in this slide show. Images were taken the morning of Friday, Nov. 13:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be on Tulum’s beaches today, and will post updates from this area tonight. I have not been in Tulum during most sunlight hours for several days, because I’ve been on the beaches by Bahia and north of Playa del Carmen.


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