Tulum sargassum & plastic trash on Nov. 9

Today I took my parents to Playa Paraiso, where they always seem to be cleaning the beach.

The sargassum was light to moderate in the water with bits of plastic all around it and in it. The plastic ranged from bottle caps to plastic bags to tiny bits of plastic, like the toxic shells I’ve written about in the past. There was less plastic away from the shoreline. (I didn’t take my camera into the water so the pictures aren’t too clear.)

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We made the best of it. We were glad to be together and glad for the sunshine. My parents got a taste of how bad the plastic situation is on the planet. I keep talking about it – and they hadn’t really thought of it too much before now.

This sign is posted at El Paraiso in a few spots. I love it. Taking care of nature means taking care of our home, ourselves. Signs like it should be posted in every convenience store in the world.



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