Sargassum & plastic trash at Tulum ruins

FullSizeRender(197)The photo above is from the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 7. This is not the beach where they let tourists swim at the ruins these days, but this is the old spot for swimming several years ago. You can see the seaweed several feet offshore in the water.

Below is a shot of a part of the area where they let swimmers into the water at the ruins:

FullSizeRender(198)It appears they are using a net to stop much of the seaweed from reaching the swimming area.

FullSizeRender(194)The ruins sit on a small pseudo bay, so the other parts of Tulum’s beach may have much less sargassum.

Also, the recent heavy rain left large flooded areas on the walkway to get to the ruins from the highway. But it’s not that bad and totally passable off to the side, and you can catch a ride on the trolley if you want to wait for it.

FullSizeRender(196)None of these things mattered to me, or to my parents, who wanted to see the magical Mayan ruins. I’ve been there so many times – it was such a treat to see people I love experience it for the first time. And – it was their first archaeological site to boot!



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