Tulum trash & sargassum update from the public beach

The current situation on the north end, at Playa Maya:

FullSizeRender(179)Pretty much the same as Saturday and Sunday. The difference is, it’s half gone. The tide must’ve taken some of it back out. I did not see any trash in the water. (None to really speak of, anyway.)

Also, there was a minimal amount of new sargassum in the water. The sea wasn’t turquoise because it’s still all churned up from the heavy chop the last few days.

FullSizeRender(181)I did not go to the south end – where you turn right at the police checkpoint and circle, at the end of the road from town. I’m tired of paying for something at “beach clubs” or asking private places to cut through to the beach everyday – but that’s a whole other blog post about how Tulum has changed.

The sargassum is drying out compared to my previous post where it was fresh out of the water with all the plastic trash. As it sits there on the beach it’s decomposing, and it smells pretty bad.

FullSizeRender(178)It’s probably not Tulum’s fault the trash is here, and Tulum can’t help sargassum. But it doesn’t exactly inspire one to stick around, either.

One more note – every day I see more tourists. The beach road to the public areas – when you turn left at the police checkpoint and circle at the end of the road from town – is becoming congested. I was nearly hit by a speeding taxi and tourist car twice today on my way back to town. A third driver backing out of Diamante K didn’t see me. I had to come to a screeching stop. Slow down, people. Really. Didn’t you come to Tulum to relax?


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