can go. We can go there. We can go anywhere. Let’s just go.

Let’s escape from this. Let’s escape to that happy place. We don’t have to think too hard about it – we know that place. That place where it feels warm and dark and comforting.

Let’s escape from here and go there.

We’ll have fun getting there. It’s the journey – the adventure. We’ll catch up on old times. The good times. The times when…

Now – we’re here. Here at that place. That dark and comforting place.

What’s that? It’s not as happy as we thought it would be? It’s not as warm or comforting? But wait —


it is dark. Isn’t it?

I can’t see you anymore. In the dark. Are you there? No matter.

The dark is hypnotic. Feeling warmer. More comfortable. It’s ok if you have left this place. This world is for me. It’s My escape. Don’t want to return yet…


I realize I’m alone. Oblivion. I don’t know how to escape — this cold and black and painful place.


came with expectations. I’m confused. I’m lost.


say it – because It hurts. The realization hurts. I don’t know how to get free — I’m beat.

I feel a bottom and I want to bounce up. I want to escape from here and go there… can we go there?

–Thank you, God.

You helped. You pulled me out because I asked.

Because you are love. Because I am loved. Thank you God.

Grateful for life in this new world – a bright and varied and vibrant place.

Maybe others will see me out here, and want to escape.



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