Improvisation, Tulum rain and laughs

I had to get creative to keep dry on the way to my Spanish lesson today. Check out my sexy (not) makeshift plastic bag booties secured with hair clips, designed for rain in Tulum. Oh yeah!

These are the opposite of the truly sexy boots I used to love to wear in a former life.

FullSizeRender(108)Kidding aside. Improvisation is a valuable skill I’m learning. I feel like I’m always rigging up something with whatever is handy to make something work or be comfortable. From keeping myself relatively dry while biking in the rain, to preventing giant cockroaches from entering the apartment with duct tape under the door, to getting large quantities of water into the apartment when I don’t have a car.

Once I got to my friend’s place for the lesson, it had to be postponed because of the rain. The tarp over the study area collapsed from the water.

FullSizeRender(110)There have only been two days since August when it’s rained continuously all day here. Good thing. Because, boy, can it rain in the tropics!

I could dwell on the negative: the forecast is more or less rain most of the time through Monday; mosquitoes will try to get me later; these stupid plastic bag booties aren’t waterproof and I’m getting wet. Wah wah wah wah.

But life is full of choices, and I chose a different route on this rainy day.

IMG_6071I donned the gear, grinned and got going. Went to the market for veggies. Hit massive puddles more like mini-lakes all over town. Laughed my butt off pedaling as fast as I could on a beach cruiser – legs soaked – including feet under the makeshift booties. Stopped for fresh, hot tortillas. Took a lovely warm shower and wrapped up in a clean Turkish towel. Enjoyed those warm tortillas with my bean salsa salad for a late lunch. Which brings me to now. An extended siesta. Aaaahhhhh.

So, so lucky. The rain jacket my husband made me take kept my upper half and head dry. Blessed I had a rain jacket. Most Mexicans I saw on bikes today used heavy duty garbage bags with their heads poking out. Thank you, God.

There hasn’t been much of a rainy season to speak of here this year. Another reason not to complain. And, so far, no hurricane trouble.

The plan is to make up my Spanish lesson on a double-header tomorrow at my place, where it will be dry. Hopefully. And if it springs a leak somewhere, I’ll just have to improvise again.

Happier times for the tarp, pre-collapse.

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