So what if there’s a little Sargassum today?

So, the sargassum is back after a delightful clearing in recent days. The wind or the current or whatever has again shifted.

Friday at Playa Maya, I could see the stuff rolling to in towards the shore for as far as my eyes could see. But – it’s not as bad or thick as I’ve seen it in past weeks.

FullSizeRender(83)I met some tourists from England who were slightly disappointed at the seaweed – mostly because they hadn’t heard a thing about it. As I’ve said, it’s tough to get reliable reports on sargassum here. Maybe I’ll just start doing a quickie update every day on the conditions.

Anyway, the nice couple wasn’t too broken up about the seaweed. In fact – they had a fantastic outlook for their vacation. They plan to visit ruins and cenotes and other tourist sites in the region. Now that’s the spirit!

One good thing about sargassum – it brings in a ton of fish closer to shore and if the seaweed isn’t too thick (doesn’t blanket the surface and sun reaches the water) – it makes for a fun show to pick a fish and follow it.

I took along my friend/artist/Spanish teacher/former sailor, who doesn’t get out to the beach as much as he’d like. We talked about the world events, the health of the planet and each of our philosophical views on life.

All in all, another day in paradise and I’m so dang blessed to be here.


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